Our Services

Providing services that suit the requirements of our most discerning clients with integrated solutions for transportation: this is what we aim for at Sariyah. For this purpose we have tailored our services to gain our their trust and guarantee their utmost comfort during our long journey together, and we have chosen customers who will join us on this path and prepared means for their wellbeing and safety.

Our services are divided into two main categories:

  1. Corporate Transportation
    Services to transport the employees from assembly points to their job locations across the Kingdom; currently the company buses transport around 6000 employees to various destinations on a daily basis. This service is aimed at reducing the cost of transportation incurred by the company and its employees, which enhances the company’s productivity, and offers a solution to securing transportation outside official working hours. Thanks to Sariyah, companies are guaranteed the timely arrival of employees to the workplace as scheduled.
  2. Shuttle Lines Services
    Airport Express Service: it is a service that aims to provide transportation between Queen Alia International Airport and Amman according to a specific time schedule in new and comfortable buses that are equipped in line with the highest tourism standards in order to provide easy, effective, and cost efficient means of transportation from and to the Airport. Our buses depart every half hour from clear accessible locations whether at the Airport or in Amman. Our company looks forward to increasing the number of commutes to reduce the waiting time between each commute in the near future.

We, at Sariyah always make sure of being the number one partner that provides successful solutions for transportation designed to cater for your needs. We consider our buses to be the primary vehicle for a secure trip, an...

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