Our Branches

After conducting an extensive study of the market needs and demands, we have developed a long term plan and set out objectives that we work on achieving with due patience and diligence. We have simultaneously established two branches that offer identical services in two primary locations for transportation in the Kingdom. The main branch is located in Amman and the other in the City of Aqaba. Both branches are set up with an integrated infrastructure that lives up to the company’s license requirements and conditions as all the company departments are grouped in one strategic location.

Main Branch – Amman

We have specifically chosen Marka in Amman as a key location to our facilities, notably because it is an area for light industries and due to its proximity to each of Amman and Zarqa, as well as considering that most transportation routes either start or end in Amman. We started working on cementing the name of our company with a firm identity and a long term vision that seems to reflect through this branch. The task was not easy, we have encountered countless challenges, which we have successfully overcome thanks to our commitment and focus on providing the best service to customers. Moreover, due to the integrated infrastructure we were able to preserve the quality of our service at all times.

Aqaba Branch

The branch in Aqaba is a similar model to the one in Amman except on a smaller scale as the market share in Aqaba represents only a third of the market size of Amman. However the obstacles in Aqaba were less challenging due to the geographic distance, the competitor’s lack of interest in operating in the City, and the flexible legislations formed after the creation of ASEZA -(Aqaba Special Economic Zone)- authority in the city. Consequently, we were able in a time record to cater for the market in Aqaba to the fullest extent and become the first choice in providing integrated transportation services. The Aqaba branch is of great importance to Sariyah as it has allowed the company to cater for all customers across the Kingdom by providing immediate on site operations.


Al Karak Office

From our concern to cover all regions Jordan, we established an office in  Al Karak in the year 2016 to serve this city.

North Complex Office + Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) Office

From our goal to serve all employees and travelers, we have decided to allocate two ticket offices, one in the North Complex and the other at Queen Alia International Airport, to provide a service for travelers and citizens via the Airport Express service, we make the transportation service from the North Complex to the airport and back to the North Complex.

Our Clients

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