Our Departments

Maintenance Department

Sariyah includes within its facilities a licensed and highly qualified maintenance center with an area of ​​4000 m2 of which 700 m2 are buildings, and it is considered the best in its class in terms of having all the necessary sections for the maintenance of our company’s buses (mechanics, car electricals, body and paint, oil spare parts, upholstery and washing) where works are programmed Maintenance of all kinds and follow-up by specialists, our company also follows the policy of replacing broken parts as a maintenance strategy instead of repairing them, as our company has a stock of spare parts sufficient for many years, and perhaps the most prominent evidence of the efficiency of the maintenance process carried out by our company is the minimum number of malfunctions caused by The maintenance process, and according to the history of our company’s work in the market and the testimony of all our customers, our company owns the best bus maintenance center at all, and sometimes some vehicles are repaired at the agent of the brand.

Sariyah has an expert and highly qualified maintenance crew of about (16) employees, equipped with a mobile workshop for emergency maintenance.

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