Vision And Mission

Vision And Mission​

Our Vision

To be the number one choice for customers seeking dedicated transportation solutions, to consistently adapt our services to match their requirements, as well as being the strategic partner that ensures both growth and prosperity for client businesses and for Sariyah alike.

Our Mission

There are three elements that we never compromise at Sariyah: time, commitment, and safety. These are considered the basic principles upon which we rely in our relationships with customers, whereby we dedicate all efforts, tools, and techniques to satisfy our customers and cater for their needs in the best possible way around the clock. Our key mission is to transport passengers in line with the highest standards of safety, from and to their destinations in a timely manner.

Our Future Vision

We aspire to become the market’s first choice for the quality of our services and the flexibility of our client relations, as we do not solely focus on profit but vigorously pursue excellence and the achievement of optimal economic volume for our company. On the ground, this is translated by innovative ideas with an insight for the future such as establishing a center to provide training courses to drivers focusing on safest benchmarks for bus driving, with classes covering security awareness, mechanics, maintenance, principles, and ethics of bus driving. In this regard, Sariyah welcomes partnerships with entities that are competent in such areas to benefit from their expertise.

Our Message

Raising the level of transportation service in Jordan to reach international standards of development, and upgrading the company in terms of performance efficiency and safety, providing support and advice to companies, supporting, qualifying and training the work team, and raising safety levels to reach the highest levels of service excellence.

Our Interest

Because safety is our priority, Sariyah provides a set of consistent rules to provide transportation services to its customers that are safe and efficient in a way that supports maintaining safety and is committed to providing the best services in order to achieve the highest levels of safety, with our keenness to develop and improve operational management procedures and systems to ensure that all our activities comply with the highest standards. Safety levels in performance, and in line with international standards approved in the transport industry, to maintain our leading position in the field of transport services.

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