Our Fleet

  • Always seeking to guarantee our customers’ comfort and safety, we have embarked upon selecting our buses. In line with our objective, we only purchase and deploy high quality vehicles from companies with an extensive experience in manufacturing buses, as well as equipping them with an advanced tracking system to locate and trace buses at all time. Maintenance of our fleet is conducted regularly at the hands of a team of competent mechanics in our service center where all details are taken care of, from the purchase of repair parts, maintenance supplies, to paints. We always work on renovating our fleet to cater for the market needs.
  • We realize that the real responsibility lies upon the driver and not the vehicle, therefore we make sure that our drivers have been trained to accommodate the nature and type of service provided to our client, as well as to maintain suitable appearance and attire along with other requirements suggested by the client.
  • At the launch of operations, the total number of buses did not exceed 22; today our fleet encompasses 250 buses that roam the streets of the Kingdom, as well as an additional 15 support vehicles that are used as replacement in the cases of breakdown or where a bus is undergoing maintenance, or in order to transport technicians or bus drivers. Moreover, we have worked towards ensuring that 10% of our fleet is ready to mobilize at any given time. Also, designated parking areas for our fleet are available on the company premises which accommodate 300 vehicles.

Types of vehicles

Coaster 22 Passengers
Mercedes-Benz 50 Passengers
Daewoo 48 Passengers
Toyota Hiace 12 Passengers
King Long Buses

Our Clients

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